Grateful for Thanksgiving In Palma, Mallorca

I have many things to be grateful for this year. One of them is being able to have this once in a lifetime opportunity here in Palma, Mallorca. I’m so thankful for my amazing fiancé for bringing me on this beautiful journey with him. And I’m so extremely grateful for our new friends that we’ve met along the way. Cassie and Matt hosted the dinner at their apartment in Palma. They always go above and beyond to make us feel at home at their place.


Our Thanksgiving dinner was so delicious. I call it our Paleo Thanksgiving with absolutely no guilt, except for the mashed potatoes. Everything was amazing, and what was even better was not feeling extremely sick after. Don’t get me wrong I was definitely in a bit of a food coma, but I felt satisfied without over eating.


Grateful For Palma

What made the night even better was going out for a walk in the city center after dinner. It was a perfect way to walk off all the food we had just devoured. For the last month or so I’ve seen workers putting up lights throughout the entire city. I knew it was going to be amazing once they finally turned them on for the holiday season. These Spaniards go all out for Christmas. The lights they put up are breath taking. I felt like I was in a winter wonderland, minus the snow. It was like something out of a movie. All your Christmas movie dreams come to life in this small city. It was everything I needed after having one of my first Thanksgivings away from my family. We took some photos, window shopped, and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a splendid way to end the night.


Even in the off season this place never ceases to amaze me. If you can’t come during their tourist season, Palma is just as beautiful during winter. They really know how to do Christmas here.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am to be here?