Self Love: The Daily Struggle

Do you struggle with self love? Do you find yourself constantly picking yourself apart? “My arm looks so big, I have such a flat butt, why do my eyes look so puffy?”

These are just a few things I ask myself on a weekly basis. I should really be complimenting myself and finding all my good qualities rather than picking on myself. I was face-timing my little sister the other day and I said something like, “gosh I look so gross right now.” She immediately made me give myself 5 compliments. It was actually really hard for me to do. “I have nice eyes, I’m really personable, I like my legs…” I struggled to find two more things I liked about myself. And yes, this was just 2 weeks ago! I’m still learning to love myself. It’s a day to day thing for me.

Practice Self Love

Self love isn’t always easy for people and it’s something we constantly need to work on. I try to practice self love every day even if it’s something little. For example: working out is now one form of loving myself. Working out makes me feel good mentally, it’s good for me physically, and it helps me better myself as a person. I used to think of fitness as a chore. I hated doing it and I did it just to like my body more. It was all about the weight loss and the number on the scale for a very long time. Now I work out because I love my body and I want to treat it well. Fitness is my form of medicine. I use it for so much more than I ever thought I would.

Other forms of self love: eating the right foods, treating your body with care, meditating, taking time for yourself to do something you enjoy. It could be something as simple as taking a bath, baking a healthy treat, grabbing a smoothie with a friend, or taking a walk around the block. Make time for YOU, prioritize your health.

self love

Confidence Doesn’t Come Easy

I wish it was easier for me to constantly love myself and be confident, but it has  been something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. For as long as I can remember I have had many insecurities, but I’ve come a long way.

These things aren’t perfected over night, and I think for me it takes longer than the average person. But we are all different and that’s what makes it so amazing. Try to hone in on the things that make you different and go with it.

I know this page seems silly to some people, but for me this is another form of self love. I love having space to write and share with you guys. This is my passion and I intend to run with it. I value my health, I value my body, my mind, body, soul, and I hope I can help people to learn those values.