Ichiban Karate & Fitness: My Family

When I began this new lifestyle I knew I needed something that I could call my own. I wanted somewhere I belonged and I wanted somewhere that motivated me daily. Going to the gym was a struggle for me unless I had a partner. If I went on my own I most likely ended up doing cardio and abs. That was never enough.

Cardio can only get you so far. I became bored very easily. My dad mentioned to me that his dojo had HIIT classes (high intensity interval training). So I gave the class a try. Ichiban Karate and Fitness changed my life. I started going there in November of 2016 with my mom. The classes were brutal, but the support was undeniable.

Ichiban Karate and Fitness became a second family to me. I was there 4 days a week with the same people. It was so inspiring to see such an age range there. My fitness instructors ranged from 27 to 44. The classes consisted of people around my age (25 or younger) to people my mothers age (61).

No matter the age they were all there to motivate you. They wanted to help you become the best version of yourself. I was pushed beyond my limits. I came to realize that in this journey it’s me against me. If you want something bad enough you can absolutely achieve it.ichiban

These HIIT classes incorporated cardio and strength training into a 30 minute class that kicked your ass. The work out was what YOU made it. If you didn’t push through those exercises and give it your all it’s 30 minutes wasted. I remember bringing a few of my friends to try out the class and they said, “that was the hardest workout I’ve ever done.” But you never left feeling like you wasted your time and you never regretted going to class. There were so many days when I didn’t want to go, but they held you accountable if you didn’t. I would show up the next day and hear, “where were you yesterday, Janine?” But that’s what I wanted and what I needed. It was a time in my life where I absolutely needed that extra push from the people around me.

One of my favorite parts about Ichiban Karate and Fitness was the sense of acceptance. No one was there to intimidate you. No one was there to make you feel inferior.  They were there to make you better. If you live in the Wakefield area of Rhode Island I highly recommend Ichiban. Head over for a drop in class and give it a try. It won’t be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it. Thank you Ichiban Family for having such a huge impact on my journey thus far. Thank you for believing in me.  I miss you all!