Exploring the Island: Cuevas Del Drach & Cala Varques

About two weekends ago we took a trip to Cuevas Del Drach with Thomas’ cousin, Ashley. Ashley told us that her friend recommended we make the trip out there. So of course we rented a car for the day to go exploring and check out the caves!

These caves were like something out of a movie. It’s definitely a tourist site, but they were so frickin’ cool. We got to walk through them for about 10-15minutes. When we reached the end there was a string quartet in a boat on this little river within the caves. They played us three songs. Keep in mind this was in total darkness, but the boats were decorated with lights. It’s completely indescribable, something you have to see and experience for yourself.

Cuevas Del Drach

exploring the island

Exploring Cala Varques

After exploring the caves Ashley really wanted to make one last trip to a beach before she left the island. Thomas found this secluded beach about 15minutes down the road called, Cala Varques. We had to walk about twenty minutes to get there, but it was so worth it.

Some of the people on the beach looked as if they lived there. There was a tent set up. And not to mention a small bar made out of rocks, wood, and part of a table. While Ashley went for a swim in the rough water (really not conducive for swimming that day), I ventured onto the rocks to get a better look at the ocean.

exploring the island

Again, my pictures never do this island justice but you can only imagine what it looked like. It was so refreshing to climb those rocks, take in the breeze, and the smell of the ocean. As I stood there I started singing, out loud. No one was near me so I knew they couldn’t hear, but it was just so freeing. Little moments like this make me so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Being able to explore this island has been life changing. These are memories that I will have forever.

exploring the island