Key to a Clean Mind

Clean eating doesn’t just benefit you physically it also helps you mentally, “clean eating is good for the soul”. In order to have a clean mind you need to focus on what’s important in your life. Once I realized that I needed to prioritized my health everything started to turn around.

I wasn’t in a good place before I started working out and eating clean. My mind was far from “clean”. I knew that unless I started loving myself this journey wouldn’t end well for me. Obviously I wanted to lose weight, but that wasn’t my main goal. What I wanted most was to have that feeling of accomplishment. I wanted to know what it meant to love myself because I never have.

The people you surround yourself with will help you keep a clean mind. It was unreal to have the support of so many friends and family members when I started this journey. When everyone saw that I was changing my life around they became interested in their own lives as well. Slowly I started having random people reaching out to me for advice and different tips to help them with their own journey. It makes me realize that there are so many people going through the same thing. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just get into a healthy lifestyle there is a common ground that you just understand.

clean mind

Everyone is different, but, the minute I had a clean mind I was able to move forward and continue helping myself and others. Cleaning your mind is about accepting who you are and being happy with your life. Don’t get me wrong I still have many bumps in the road. My fiancé still needs to remind me that I don’t need that extra make-up, and I need to stop caring about what others think of me.

I’m a work in progress people. This transformation doesn’t happen over night. I’m two years into my new lifestyle and there are some days that are harder than others, but I have an amazing support system.

Clear your mind, the rest will follow (so corny, but so true). Clear your mind of all the bullshit and the pressure this world puts on us. Look at your flaws and accept them.