About Me

The Girl Behind ‘Be Clean’


I’m Janine Squillante, 25 years old, from the tiny little state of Rhode Island. Living in the Ocean State, and living by the ocean my entire life, I have grown to love where I live and it has become a part of who I am. Breathing the crisp clean ocean air as I go for a run, sit on the beach, jump off the local dock, or go for a walk in my neighborhood. However, I recently moved to Palma de Mallorca, Spain with my fiancé! In addition to keeping this blog and my Instagram followers updated on how to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, I will be teaching English here in Palma to 1st through 6th graders. Life will be hectic, but fun! Especially with a little more jamón in my life.

My Mission

I started Be Clean With Janine in early 2017. What started as a personal mission to lose weight and get healthy and fit has turned into a public mission to spread the word about clean eating and living. It’s not always about calorie counting. It’s about what you put in your body, making sure that you give your body what it needs, and, of course, getting some physical activity into your routine. My first “client” was and still is my fiancé. I got him to quit cigarettes, drink less, eat a healthier diet, and incorporate more exercise into his daily routine. Now he is smoke free for 2+ years, lost 25 pounds, and still exercises six days a week! This is just one person I have helped to lead a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, and I want to bring this same success to everyone.